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Bring Back Old Billy

Hayley Reid

Display At Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, Parade at Queens Gardens

Artist Hayley Reid presents the Bring Back Old Billy Committee - a quest to reunite Old Billy's bonce with his hometown of Warrington. We're talking about the world's oldest horse ON RECORD here – Victorian-era taxidermied head and all!   

Exhibition at the Museum, 19 July - 10 November

Artist and researcher Hayley Reid presents the Bring Back Old Billy Committee (BBOBC), a quest to reunite Old Billy’s bonce with his hometown of Warrington. We’re talking about the world’s oldest horse on record here – Victorian-era taxidermied head and all! The BBOBC is a collaborative effort between artists from Warrington who have created visual art, performance, poetry and music inspired by Old Billy in an effort to entice his head back to the museum. A BBOBC exhibition will accompany Old Billy’s head at Warrington Museum, with art and music from Beth Davenport, Sammy Reid, Ryan Smith, Joel Rutter, Ketwig Salon, Cameron Brown, Waspdodger, Hayley Reid, Mooncup Theatre, Georgina Burton and Lucianne Canavan.

Workshops (All at WMAG)

BBOBC presents: Old Billy charcoal drawing class
Friday 19 Jul 2024, 10:30am-11:30am

Join artist Cameron Brown for a drawing class like no other. This is your chance to draw the head of the oldest horse in the world, in situ, at Warrington Museum. Cameron will take you through charcoal drawing techniques with no prior experience necessary.
Admission is free, but booking is essential as there are limited places.
Booking link:

BBOBC presents: Old Billy’s Homecoming Parade and Workshop
Sat 20 Jul 2024

Take part in a very special homecoming parade and workshop for the oldest horse in the world on Saturday 20th July. To celebrate the return of Old Billy’s head to Warrington, Mooncup Theatre invite you to promenade through Queens Gardens, singing and dancing along the way, while learning about Old Billy’s life in 1800s Warrington. The pre-parade workshop involves customising your very own party hat and learning a song and dance for the parade. All ages welcome!

Pre-parade workshop: 10:30 at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery. Free, drop-in, no booking required.
Parade: 5pm in Queen’s Gardens

BBOBC presents: Old Billy Zine Workshop
Wed 24 Jul 2024

Zines (short for magazines) are powerful, self-published pieces of art and sources of information. They can include anything you like including stories, poetry, drawings, collages or big ideas. Come and get creative at Old Billy’s zine-making workshop by learning the DIY history of zines and make your own zine inspired by the world’s oldest horse! No experience required, this workshop is open to anyone of all ages.
Free, drop-in sessions, no booking required. Session times are 10am-12pm and 2pm to 4pm in the Cabinet of Curiosities Gallery.


For access information on Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, where Bring Back Old Billy takes place, see our accessibility guide. (Please see the note regarding access to ‘Zoology’ space that Bring Back Billy is in)

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