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I'm Glad You're Here

Lowri Evans

Warrington Central Train Station

I’m Glad You’re Here is taking place at Warrington Central Railway Station. Artist Lowri Evans will meet passengers off trains and offer a series of bespoke greetings during Warrington Arts Festival.

Whether you were after a cheering crowd or your own personal bodyguard; a red carpet or a brief encounter; there is something for all tastes. Choose from a bespoke menu of greetings for your chance to have a fleeting, filmic moment in an unlikely place.

Why not arrive in style to Warrington Arts Festival and come by train for an unforgettable welcome!

If you are arriving at the station on Saturday 20th July or Saturday 27th July you are eligible for this free service.


For access information about Warrington Central, where I am Glad You are Here takes place at please see here.

Given the nature of this peice, there will be some direct interaction with the performer. If you would like to discuss any access requirements, please get in touch with

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