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No Dragon, No Lion

TS Crew

Time Square

Step into the acrobatic world of TS Crew's lion dance circus!

In a groundbreaking twist on tradition, this high-energy performance shatters boundaries, marrying elements of the classical lion dance and Chinese opera with the pulse-pounding beats of beatboxing and the dynamic athleticism of martial arts, tricking, and parkour.

Rekindling their ties to tradition and forging a new and deeply personal culture. Winner of the Asian Arts Award for Best Show at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022. No Dragon No Lion is a fresh and exhilarating exploration of cultural identity.


There will be a designated space for wheel chair users at the event.

There will be a variety of seating options available at the event.

For access information on Time Square, where No Dragon, No Lion takes place, see our accessibility guide.

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