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Oh Warry Warry

Frances Disley

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Frances Disley, an artist based in Liverpool and originally from Warrington, invites you to immerse yourself in her latest sculptural installation, ‘Oh Warry Warry’, commissioned as part of Warrington Arts Festival. This evocative work is a homage to Warrington, its vibrant community, and its rich tapestry of stories.

Exploring pride and place, Disley’s work delves into the collective identity of the town, capturing the essence of its people and places through art. The project is deeply rooted in the voices of Warrington's residents, gathered through a series of intimate interviews. These personal narratives have been transformed into a multimedia experience that reflects the town's spirit and heritage.

Situated in the Golden Square, the installation creates a unique space where visitors can hear the voices of Warrington's people and see visual representations of their stories. Visitors are invited to contribute to the evolving narrative, adding their voices to this living archive.


For access information on Golden Square, where Oh Warry Warry takes place, see our accessibility guide.

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