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Our Places and Spaces

Join us for an extraordinary art trail exhibition celebrating the places and spaces that shape and define our community. With thanks to Golden Square, this exhibition explores the significant locations and social dynamics that are central to our shared experience across Warrington, core memories, and celebrates the sites that impact our communities every day.


As part of the Warrington Arts Festival Programme, this collection presents a diverse range of artworks that capture the essence of our community’s heart and soul. We are proud to collaborate with artist Rebecca Rogers, whose contributions bring a unique and compelling perspective to the exhibition, transforming advertisement boards throughout Golden Square Mall into signs of togetherness, interconnectivity, and home. The Physical artworks can be seen within exhibition sites; ex Evans-unit (next door to Jungle Mania) and the ex-HC Memorabilia Store (next door to the Foodbank/School Uniform swap shop).


This exhibition is brought to life through the hard work and support of members of Warrington Wolves Wolfprint, Macintyre Charity, and Blooming Arts. Their involvement has been instrumental in creating a vibrant and inclusive showcase of our community’s talent and spirit. 


Through painting, photography, sculpture, and mixed arts, we invite you to explore the stories and emotions behind the places we cherish and the environments we build together.


Come and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of our community, and gain a deeper appreciation for the spaces and people that make our hometown unique.

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